Integrated Pest management (IPM)

A key component of all IPM programs is a thorough inspection and survey that may involve monitoring of pest populations.

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FastKil specializes in Integrated Pest management (IPM) which can control pest populations more cost effectively and more responsibly. The primary objective of IPM is to minimize any harmful effects to the environment that may result from pest-eliminating treatments. A key component of all IPM programs is a thorough inspection and survey that may involve monitoring of pest populations. IPM programs first work to define acceptable pest levels – areas where pests are not acceptable and at what threshold action is necessary.

The IPM Process:
Benefits of IPM:
About IPM:

IPM employs an approach that requires more participation by the homeowner to achieve long-term pest control.

The use of two or more pest management techniques (Inspection, Identification, Sanitation, Cultural,   Mechanical, Biological and/or Pesticides) to achieve established pest management objectives.

An IPM service requires time and effort to: inspect and monitor pest activity; employ procedures; make suggestions for eliminating points of entry and resting areas; and deter potential pest infestations and/or reduce existing ones.

Your continuous involvement and participation are needed to implement FastKil pest control technician’s recommendations for an effective programme.

Homes have different microhabitats which provide food, water, and harborage for pests. Decreasing the availability of suitable habitats for pests and denying access into the home may control infestations.

An effective IPM programme may include the use of pesticides. However, the amount needed will likely be reduced.

The appropriate use and application of pesticides will vary according to circumstances. FastKil pest control technician will tell you where and how pesticides will be applied in.

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FastKil’s staff are comprehensively trained and equipped to control all types of termites in residential, commercial and industrial areas such as restaurants, hotels, apartments, houses, offices, factories, warehouses, granaries.

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