Soil Poisoning Treatment

At FastKil, we follow an Integrated Pest Management approach to achieving a pest-free environment.

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Chemicals like Maxxthor and Premise are non-repellant and termites cannot detect them in the soil. The termites tunnel into the termiticide while foraging, contact with the chemical, and eventually die. But first, they go back to the colony and infect other termites through a transfer process (trophallaxis), creating a colony elimination effect.

Maxxthor and Premise are long-lasting and are the best termite defense system in the country and internationally. These are our product of choice and the best solution available.


Spraying of diluted liquid termiticide using power spray prior to placing of vapor barrier and pouring of concrete, application of the chemicals.


These specially designed system consists of a pipe or hose that runs along the side of a building either in soil or in most cases under a path, slab or pavers. The pipe has holes evenly spaced holes through which the termiticide diluted liquid can then be pumped to create a treated zone to impede termite entry. The advantage on a long term is that there is no need to lift pavers, trench soil, disturb gardens, or drill paths. This could mean additional savings to you.

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FastKil’s staff are comprehensively trained and equipped to control all types of termites in residential, commercial and industrial areas such as restaurants, hotels, apartments, houses, offices, factories, warehouses, granaries.

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